Questions Work
This is a one stop resource for questions you can use to succeed at work and at home.  Your success often depends on asking the right questions when making many of your most important decisions each day. 
Questions Work is being built at this time.  We welcome your suggestions for topics and questions.
We are building powerful question lists for the following areas: medical, consumer, education, parenting, business, real estate, and money with many more to follow. 

Questioning is one of the most valuable skills you can bring to negotiations that take place every day.  Those who are the most successful are often those who ask the best questions.  They use the expertise of others to help identify what needs to be done and the best way to do it.  Good questions have an additional value:  they create strong relationships between those exchanging information and perspectives.

If you are a teacher, we are setting up a special section with questions for the classroom.  This will be a collection of concepts that teachers can use every day to help explore a wide range of topics.
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What great question can you ask today to change tomorrow?

For more information on questioning in the workplace, consider the AMACOM business book "Questions That Work" by Andrew Finlayson

A fresh, impassioned guide on the art of question-asking--with powerful examples to use in every workplace situation.

What's wrong with this picture? On the one hand, a passive, unquestioning attitude is considered detrimental to a person's career and to an organization's growth. On the other hand, focused, probing questions are rarely encouraged, and the skills needed to ask them almost never taught.

QUESTIONS THAT WORK is here to change that. Written by a former business reporter and manager, this provocative "questioning manifesto" and practical "how-to" book gives people the insights and tools to ask thoughtful questions in every realm of their professional lives. It is also a powerful tool to help business leaders create a progressive environment where questions flow freely and creatively--boosting knowledge and performance at all levels of the organization.

Best yet, the book supplies hundreds of pre-prepared, carefully crafted questions that readers can use to find the right job, negotiate the best pay, hire the right team, sell an idea, or change their company.

When companies collapse, it is often a lack of questioning that contributed to the crisis. When careers falter, it is a lack of questions that created the failure. In the words of the author: "Your success depends on what questions you ask."

About the Author
Andrew Finlayson is the news director for Fox News Chicago.