Questions Work
This is a one stop resource for questions you can use to succeed at work and at home.  Your success often depends on asking the right questions when making many of your most important decisions each day. 
What are Questions That Work?
Questions That Work explores an essential skill used by many successful individuals and institutions.

It explores a vital talent, yet one that is rarely taught and often discouraged.

It is a new way to think about the business world and your role in it.

If you would like to raise your Intelligent Questioning Quotient, if you would like to learn seven steps to creating questions that really do work for you and learn the value of to ask lists instead of "to do" lists, Questions That Work is the resource you need now.

Questions That Work is not simply instructional but is inspirational, quoting from top industry leaders and thinkers about how we must have a questioning attitude about us at all times.  It aims to turn this awareness into action.  Question asking is not just a communication skill, done with thought and consistency, it is a way of solving many of the problems you face each day.

Questions That Work points out the dangers of not asking questions and has hundreds of examples of well thought out questions for a wide variety of topics.

Questions That Work argues for a postive theory of asking questions.  The best results come when inquiry is not a tool of control or a manipulation of others.  Questions That Work defines a way to apporach others with a mutual sense of respect and shared goals. 

Questions That Work offers questions to help with the many choices you face each day.  When used with forethought, questions change our destiny.  It poses the challenge and opportunity found in the question:  "What question, if the answer was yes, would most change your life?"

A successful business book has to go beyond theory to find a way to be applicable to everyday situations.  Questions That Work has the value of being an instant consultant for many of the daily workplace issues and concerns.  These range from conducting performance appraisals to running a meeting, from brainstorming a creative solution to a long standing problem, to hiring the right new employee.

What question could be brought to bear on the most pressing point of controversy in your organization?

Questions are what can often move the world.  Questions That Work empowers you to ask the right questions at the right time.
Questions To Ask During An Interview for a New Job

  • How does this job contribute to meeting the company's goals?
  • How can I meet the people who would be my immediate supervisors and co-workers?
  • What are some of the ways I can learn new skills?
  • Is there going to be or has there already been a company reorganization?
  • What do your people like best about this company?
  • What is the biggest challenge I will face?

Adapted from QUESTIONS THAT WORK: How to Ask Questions That Will Help You Succeed in Any Business Situation (AMACOM)

Questions To Ask When There Is A Major Conflict Approaching

  • What is our top priority?
  • How will this decision affect our credibility?
  • What can we work out that would make everyone satisfied?
  • How are we basing our actions on our core values as a company?
  • How much time to we have to think about this situation?
  • Can I use my best judgement on this?

Adapted from QUESTIONS THAT WORK: How to Ask Questions That Will Help You Succeed in Any Business Situation (AMACOM)


Questions Who + Questions What + Questions When + Questions Where = Identified Issue 

Identified Issue divided by Questions Why - Questions Why Not x Questions How = Solution

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